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Maintains Engine Lubrication

The main moving parts of an engine include the valves and the piston. These move at a high speed, which creates heat. Without proper lubrication, the engine parts work harder, which will eventually slow down its performance. Not every car uses the same engine oil. You need to go through your car’s manual to find out what specific grade of oil does your vehicle require.

Checking Fluid Level

Car owners with dipsticks should check transmission fluid level monthly while the transmission is running at full temperature and engine is idle. It takes 15 minutes to warm up the car and then you can follow these steps to check the transmission fluid levels:

Tips for Better Gas Mileage

At 50 mph, fuel economy peaks for most cars, after which it drops as speed increases. Let’s say that you are cruising on a highway and your go-to speed is 80 mph. By dropping this to somewhere between 60 mph and 70 mph, you can increase the car’s fuel efficiency by 14%.